We had the most amazing summer of fiddle camps...possibly our most epic yet, thanks to the addition of our new Australia camp Stringmania! I know it is technically well into fall at this point, but our trip down under put us in a state of confusion about all that and we are still coming off the big high of fiddle camp season...Our touring schedule this falls takes us to the midwest, the west coast and the northeast...hope to see you at a show! Our new album got put on hiatus during the hectic summer season, but we are back in full swing and it should be out in a couple months, hopefully before the holidays. We'll keep you posted :) Another big event in our lives was the release of a seven years in-the-making documentary about Alasdair's musical life and the effect the camps have had on cultures and people. "The Groove is Not Trivial" by filmmaker Tommie Dell Smith was just premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival, leaving the audience in a joyful, uplifted state...amazing the effect of music and community! We'll let you know when it becomes available to a wider audience. In the meantime, hope to see you on the road!
-Alasdair & Natalie